Corporate Events

Corporate and non-profit companies are our largest clients.  With so many reasons to celebrate, we’ve created amazing designs for a variety of events. We know that your event means to the world to you, so don’t risk not making a great impression.  The best compliment your event can receive, is that your guests leave smiling and simply can’t wait for the next one. Let Balloon Art by Merry Makers help you design the best experience and create memories your guests will carry with them forever.

Allison and her creative genius will help makes your dreams a reality by designing décor personalized for your event. The BAMM Crew will arrive on-site to build and install your amazing balloon décor in time for you to create those beautiful memories! We also offer a Zero Carbon Footprint Cleanup after your event, where we come back to take down all of our balloons and responsibly dispose of all balloons.

DID YOU KNOW? Latex balloons are biodegradable. Learn more about Balloon Art by Merry Maker’s commitment to the planet here.

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