Yard Art is taking the Center Stage during Pandemic

How do you celebrate an occasion when you are encouraged to stay at home? Balloon Art by Merry Makers has answered this question by creating custom yard art for birthday’s, engagements, Wedding Anniversaries, Graduations, Baby Showers and more. The Drive by parade is super popular and having fun balloons makes it even more special!

Yard Art is temporary art that celebrates a day. We set it up in your front yard using our steel base plates and frames. At the end of the day we ask that you remove any balloons that you wish to keep and leave the rest for us to pick up the following day.

To order your own Yard Art Balloons – send us an email to balloonartbymerrymakers@gmail.com. If your celebration is sooner than that… check out our delivery service at https://balloonplanet.com/balloonartbymerrymakers/

Be safe — Have fun!

Celebrate Everything Until Further Notice!

A 10th Birthday celebration! - #yardart

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