Wedding Decor

A very important day in a person’s life….  Make it amazing by having custom balloons at your wedding.

Dance Floor Canopies  – whether having a DJ, a Live Band or a soloist musician… A canopy of balloons over your dance floor will make your guests feel like getting on the dance floor and celebrating.

  • Full Dome Canopy – Helium filled full canopy – usually 4 columns as the anchor.
  • Tulle and lights Canopy – This canopy is anchored by 4 columns, must have a rigging point in the center of the dance floor.
  • Enchanted Canopy – This canopy is also anchored by 4 columns – String of Pearl arches connect all four posts and then  criss cross over the center of the dance floor.
  • Bubble Canopy – This canopy requires many rigging points above the dance floor.  Many bubble strands are suspended fro the ceiling.

Entry Way Decor

  • Arches
  • Two Columns with a String of Pearls Arch connecting them
  • Exploding wall

Head Table Decor

  • String of Pearls Arch
  • Bubble Wall
  • Enchanted bubble and fantasy Clouds

Don’t forget to help guide your guests to your event.  Giant 3 foot balloons create magic and elegance.  There are so many ideas… Contact us today for your free consultation.


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